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Save money & get a head start on your bachelor’s degree at Mountwest.

Creating opportunity for yourself is easier and less expensive through a transfer education opportunity at Mountwest!  You can begin your college education at Mountwest and transfer those credits to many four-year institutions in our region and across the country.  You could earn an associate degree from Mountwest and use that degree as your springboard to a bachelor’s degree from a multitude of colleges and universities.

transfer_graphAnd you can save up to 500% while doing it.  That’s right – five hundred percent.  At Mountwest, we know that our students want to get the training and education that they need to get a high-paying job using the most cost-effective and quickest route to do so.  Spending your first two years at Mountwest and your last two at one of our many partner universities in our region is that route.  Two plus two truly does equal success!
Recently, we conducted a survey of the five most attended higher education institutions in our region.  Of them, Mountwest was far and away the most affordable.  When based on attending college for nine months of the year, with a full load being 12 credit hours per session, the following costs were discovered:

Costs are calculated on an annual basis, with 12 credit hours for 9 months per year.  Sources: CNNMoney, Petersen’s, US Department of Education, official college websites and telephone questionnaires. Costs are calculated for in-state tuitions.

Transfer degrees are designed for students who plan to continue their degree studies at a four-year university or college. By earning an Associate in Arts degree – also called a University Transfer degree – students fulfill the first two years of most bachelor’s degree programs, completing general education requirements and some major requirements at a cost significantly less than our four-year and private counterparts.

It is a proven fact that a college education gives you more earning power throughout your professional career.

Additionally, transfer students can take advantage of all of amenities that our new Mountwest campus offers.  Our students have come to enjoy the ample, free parking that is steps away from the main campus building.  Our in-house café has become a popular gathering spot for our students and team.  The brand new technology that is found throughout the building allows you access to many learning resources other institutions just don’t have. Combine all these attributes with a top-quality education focused on your career goals and you can’t go wrong with starting at Mountwest.

You won’t be alone.  Many of our students come to Mountwest seeking a University Transfer degree. They choose Mountwest for many reasons, including our smaller class sizes, personalized education and low cost per credit. At Mountwest, you’ll get a four-year college experience with all the advantages of a two-year college campus.

Our one-stop student services department and professional counselors are ready to help you tailor your course schedule and create a curriculum based on your career interests. Course requirements can vary according to your intended major and the four-year institution that you plan to attend, so our focus is on providing each student with a personalized education plan.

The curriculum for students in Mountwest’s associate degree programs can provide you with skills important for future success, including critical thinking, reading, reasoning and analysis and mathematics. The curriculum also provides exposure to the various disciplines of the arts and humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The associate degree program courses form the foundation of a traditional liberal arts education and will satisfy a large portion of the general education course requirements for bachelor’s degrees at four-year colleges and universities.

• Admitted students may pursue the degree part-time or full-time.

• Full-time students may expect to complete the degree in about two years.

It is a proven fact that a college education gives you more earning power throughout your professional career. A recent Georgetown University study showed that individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn, on average, 84% more than those with just a high school diploma over the course of their career.  That earning power can translate into many, many opportunities for you and your family.

At Mountwest we like to say, “It’s your money, and we encourage you to use it wisely.”  We provide an accredited and respected degree program that gets you on the fast track to your new career for much less.  We would like to welcome you as a student this fall.

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Joey Tackett

With graduation quickly approaching, I was struggling with the decision of either continuing my education or seeking a job soon after the completion of my marketing degree. I went to

Marshall University’s campus to weigh my options. I realized going to Marshall was the best choice for me, but I was concerned with the credits I spent so hard to get at Mountwest. I quickly learned that my hard work at Mountwest would pay off. Nearly all of my credits earned at Mountwest transferred to Marshall. I was glad I chose to attend Mountwest first because of the price and quality of the education I received.

Luneisha Wade

My education at Mountwest has been a wonderful experience.  Now that I’m at the end of completing my associate degree in medical assistance, I am grateful that I will be able to easily continue my education and receive my bachelor’s degree at Ohio or Marshall University. Mountwest provides a variety of opportunities for students who wish to earn an associate degree, as well as making it easy to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Mountwest is a great starting point to a great education for  students of all ages.

Ashley Poff

I decided to return to college at age 25. Mountwest’s paralegal program was the perfect fit for me.  I was able to begin learning about a field in which I have always been interested and finish the degree in a relatively short amount of time. The classes were small, so everyone received the individualized attention they needed to be successful.  After graduating, I decided to continue my education at Ohio University Proctorville Campus through the partnership program. OU has challenged me intellectually while providing the same small class size and personalized attention. I plan on attending law school upon completion of my bachelor’s degree.  I am confident that the education I am receiving has prepared me for the challenges I will face in all my future endeavors.

Brittany Kelly

I am a recent Mountwest graduate with a degree in surgical technology. I’m starting at West Virginia University in the fall, majoring in business. Mountwest was a great starting point for me in my education and better prepared me for a university. The transition from Mountwest to WVU was very smooth. Everyone at Mountwest and WVU has been extremely helpful and supportive of my choice to continue my education at a four-year institution.

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