The “Community” in Mountwest Community & Technical College Says It All

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By Sheanna Spence

In recent years, we’ve spent a lot of time and resources telling you, the community, about everything related to the “technical” part of Mountwest Community & Technical College. However, as the first year on our new campus comes to a close, we have realized that the “community” part of our name is what continues to make Mountwest relevant.

Being part of the Huntington/Tri-State community means listening to local employers and partnering with industry to see that education and training needs are met. We have heard from industry leaders and human resources professionals through one-on-one sessions, focus groups and on our program advisory committees. We are listening. Your feedback gives us momentum as we implement changes to existing program curriculum. It also facilitates requests for more public and private resources to implement new programs.

Being part of this community means opening our doors to students of all ages and backgrounds and creating a vibrant environment for lifelong learning. From a student planning transfer to a four-year institution to a mother “re-careering” after her children are grown, Mountwest offers learning opportunities to accommodate every student.

Being part of this community means making our campus a gathering place and somewhere students, their families, business and community leaders feel welcome. In just the short time since we relocated, the Mountwest campus has hosted a Rotary Club, school counselors, high school students, Chamber of Commerce meetings and more. We will also continue to host back-to-school activities and other special events to give the broader community more opportunities to experience our campus.

After a number of major transitions during the last six years, Mountwest is embracing its community. We hope you, in turn, will embrace all Mountwest has to offer.

Learn:  Learning is the No. 1 reason Mountwest exists. Sign up to take a class, or better yet, take two.

Teach:  Mountwest is always looking for instructors to teach both credit and non-credit courses. Adjunct instructors provide an intimate knowledge and passion for their fields and bring that experience to the classroom.

Partner:  For a business, partnering is easy. You can use our online job posting site to recruit a Mountwest graduate, volunteer as an internship or clinical site, participate in career fairs or serve on a program advisory committee.

Give:  Individual and corporate giving to the Mountwest Foundation help ensure the affordability of Mountwest. We’re roughly one-fourth the cost of other institutions, which means your financial gift goes even further.

Spence is the Director of Development at Mountwest Community & Technical College

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