Trading a lab coat for chef whites

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Many children grow up to become an accountant, a lawyer or a doctor. They lead a successful life and retire from a career after years of dedication and service. But then they decide they want something more: to follow after a passion that has captivated their dream world. They want to be a chef.

Dr. Phillip Mallory, retired podiatrist, is just that type of person. Dr. Mallory traded in his doctor’s lab coat for chef whites and began on another journey for knowledge and personal satisfaction. And Dr. Mallory isn’t alone; numerous adult learners return to the classroom every semester, and many are choosing the culinary arts as the program that will help them satisfy a lifelong desire.

The Culinary Arts program at Mountwest not only offers the Associate of Applied Science degree, but also offers a Culinary Certificate, and additional certifications through the National Restaurant Association, headquartered in Chicago, IL, via the ManageFirst program.  ManageFirst is a competency-based program, developed by industry management and professionals and is published by Pearson. The program focuses on key competencies that are critical to successful operation within the industry. Additional attention was paid to meet the academic needs of culinary students by providing essential skill sets including accounting and financial skills, interpersonal communications, problem solving, decision making and ethics.

Online exam preparation tests are bundled with student workbooks to provide additional training modules, test-taking strategies and practice exams to assist the student in being fully prepared for the examination.

Courses within the Culinary Arts program that carry an additional certification for students include:

• ServSafe Food Safety Manager certification

(CA200-Culinary Sanitation and Safety)

• Bar and Beverage Management certification

(HM240-Introduction to Vineyards and Breweries)

• Controlling Foodservice Costs certification

(CA275-Cost Control and Revenue)

• Customer Service certification

(CA120-A la Carte I)

• Hospitality and Restaurant Management

certification (CA270- Managing Culinary Operations)

• Purchasing certification

(CA260-Culinary Selection and Procurement)

• Nutrition certification (CA245-Culinary Nutrition)

Additional certifications offered on the Hotel/Lodging curriculum include:

• Hospitality Human Resources Management and

Supervision certification (HM210-Human Resources and Diversity Management)

• Hospitality and Restaurant Marketing certification

(HM250- Managing Hospitality Marketing)

For more information on the Culinary Arts program please visit: or contact Chef Lawrence Perry, M.S., Program Director at

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