Success Beyond Measure

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Justin Worrell graduated high school in 1999. Like many students, Justin was unsure of what came next. How would he pay for college? What career path should he choose? Justin decided to join the army with intentions to pay for school.  He ended up spending more time than expected overseas and in turn never enrolled into college.

After the military, Justin spent a semester and a half at Marshall University taking various classes, unsure of what career path he wanted to pursue. He worked as a service tech, a telemarketer and also in automobile sales in search of finding his perfect career.

In 2006 he was hired on full-time at State Electric and worked doing general labor in the warehouse. He enjoyed his new career so much that he wanted take the initiative to move up within the company; he knew he could accomplish this with an associate degree. Justin looked to Mountwest Community & Technical College to help him achieve his goal. He had completed various training programs through State Electric and had also gained college credit for the few semesters he was at Marshall. In addition, Justin’s military experience gave him transfer credits, which led him closer toward earning his associate degree in applied science at Mountwest.

“When we first contacted Mountwest to have much of our industry and company specific training evaluated for college credit, we knew that Justin had already completed quite a bit of State Electric specific training,” Angel Horn, Corporate Trainer for State Electric Supply Company said. “He is a great example of motivation and growth.”

Going to Mountwest to earn my degree showed my company that I was taking my job seriously and making a conscience effort to advance.

After combining his military transfer credits, Marshall transfer credits, and employee experience, Justin learned that he was only 12 credits away from earning his degree from Mountwest. While working full-time at State Electric, Justin was able to complete his degree through online programs, which allowed him to spend more time with his wife and two young children.

“Going to Mountwest to earn my degree showed my company that I was taking my job seriously and making a conscience effort to advance. It solidified and positioned me here for the future and showed commitment to the owners,” Justin explained. “My overall view on life and my confidence has been improved by just getting through this program.”

After earning his associate degree, Justin advanced in his position at State Electric and now works as the Fleet and Freight Operations Coordinator where he coordinates sales and delivery vehicles for a fleet of 320 vehicles.  State Electric operates in six states and has more than 41 retail locations. Justin is also responsible for the acquisition and service of vehicles, negotiating with carriers and freight contracts, and managing leases for company vehicles.  His favorite classes at Mountwest were Communications, English, Economics and Business Math because they all directly helped him improve his performance at State Electric.

Justin has worked under his supervisor, Tony Martin, for over two years at State Electric. Tony works as the Corporate Operations Manager and is also a member of the Board of Directors at Mountwest.

“Justin is a focused young man who has set some very high goals for himself and utilized Mountwest to achieve them,” Tony said. “The partnership that State Electric and Mountwest share will be beneficial for State Electric Employees for many years to come.”

Today Justin is communicating with program coordinators at Ohio University to begin classes in the spring of 2014 where he will take all online classes to earn a bachelor’s degree in technical and applied studies.

“The classes that I took at Mountwest are directly involved with what I do on a day-to-day basis at my job, and that’s what I like about OU as well. My program will be very work related,” Justin said.

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