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We all strive for success. How we measure it, how we achieve it and how we sustain it is different for all of us.

In this issue of our popular Career Focus® magazine we focus on strategies for setting the pathway for your career success. We have invested significant time, human and financial resources in designing different avenues that can lead you to your ultimate goals. We have found that, truly, “One size does not fit all,” and that’s why we have a superb team of counselors in place who only have the responsibility to help you! If you are new to Mountwest, I encourage you to make your first visit to our one-stop Student Services Center. Whether you’re an interested potential student, a new student or one that has been here for some time – student services is a fantastic resource to plan your route to success.

Additionally, this issue continues our focus on pathways to success through a spotlight on what’s most important to all of us – family. The region that encompasses West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky has the demographic distinction of a large concentration of adults that have started college, and for whatever reason, not finished. At Mountwest, we are targeting that person to come back to college. We will assist you in recalibrating your goals and pathway to them so that you can achieve your educational and career dreams.

Read the inspiring story of Briana and Jill Sansom, the mother and daughter that attended Mountwest at the same time and achieved their goals. Both are now gainfully employed in secure and lucrative jobs and on their way to bigger and better things! Also read about the husband and wife team of Joanie and James Kaul, who both went to a 4-year university right of high school and both felt unprepared and overwhelmed at the time. After enrolling at Mountwest, they are on their way to great days ahead.

We’re proud of many things at Mountwest but most importantly we’re proud to have played a role in the success of so many in our region and beyond. We work very hard to make sure that your pathways to success are always easy to access, and we give you the tools and resources to get there. Make the decision today to better yourself and your family – enroll at Mountwest!

Dr. Keith J. Cotroneo

President, Mountwest Community & Technical College

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