Student Spotlight

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Andrew Lucas knew that Engineering Design was the natural path to take into the future, and he believed that Mountwest Community & Technical College was the best way to get there.

“My dad was a civil engineer, so I grew up learning a lot of math,” Andrew said. After settling in as an Engineering Design Technology student at Mountwest, Andrew still believes he chose the right path.

Andrew always “heard good things” about Mountwest and now spreads the word about his great experience so far. “I was really surprised by the level of knowledge the teachers have. It’s great to get so much content and experience without the extra expense.”

Andrew believes his educators have greatly impacted his time at Mountwest. Ted Triplett is one of those influencers.

Triplett, Program Coordinator for Engineering and CNC Machinist Technology at Mountwest, believes  that “building confidence” and developing classes around teamwork are elements that allow students like Andrew to “become amazing people” when they find their home at Mountwest. Educators at Mountwest believe in allowing students to turn their ideas into something they can work on as they learn, getting a feel for their field and aiding in career preparation.

Students at Mountwest work with the most up-to-date computer programs and choose classes relevant to their respective fields. For Andrew, this means taking classes like Statistics or Calculus and Physics with smaller class sizes that create an atmosphere geared toward student success.

“I really love the atmosphere and my fellow students,” Andrew said.  He is striving for a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marshall University. Mountwest will help him follow this dream next semester through its detailed articulation agreement with the university.

Undergraduate level credits and basic courses from Mountwest are generally transferable to any public, in-state university. Mountwest also offers specific degrees to be completed within two years and easily transferred to a university to continue on to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Triplett said that he thinks partnerships like the one between Marshall University and Mountwest give students, like Andrew, access to many opportunities at a reduced cost within an environment that allows them to go outside their comfort zone.

Andrew’s advice to anyone considering Mountwest is to decide want they want in a school.

“Talk to someone if you feel lost,” he said. “The small class size at Mountwest allows for more one-on-one time between students and teachers in an environment that lets students focus more easily.”

Because of this, Andrew believes there is always “a lot of support from teachers.” He suggests seeking help and speaking with someone before problems affect you long term.

“There is always time to fix things before they get too big, and at Mountwest you can always find someone willing to help,” he said.

Andrew’s plans to transfer credits from Mountwest to Marshall University will allow him to earn a degree that will qualify him for jobs across multiple platforms. “Andrew has phenomenal potential,” said Triplett with no doubt about Andrew’s promising future.

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