Your Fast Track to Employment!

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Are you looking to fast track your career in Information Technology?

Mountwest offers its Information Technology Networking Systems program as a fast track option designed to help you earn your associate degree and a handful of industry-recognized credentials in just 15 months.

The Fast Track program offers comprehensive network training and equips students with highly marketable IT skills and certifications in the shortest possible time frame. In just 15 months, you could earn:

• A one-year certificate in CCNA

• A one-year certificate in MCSE

• And your associate degree in Information Technology

Students can also earn professional IT certifications for:

• CompTIA’s A+ Hardware & Operating Systems

• Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification

• Microsoft’s Server MCSA, MCSE & Virtualization

The fast track path of study involves 15 months of IT training in which all students take a full-semester load and move through four sequential semesters as a cohort group. During the fourth semester, each student participates in a network practicum and internship to ensure readiness to enter the IT workforce.

Due to the intensity of this program of study, entry into the Fast Track Networking program is through a selective application process. If you are highly motivated and driven to become an IT professional and willing to treat your training with the same dedication you must give an employer, then this is the opportunity for you. If you desire an IT professional’s salary and an environment of continuous learning, then this program is the opportunity for you.

Contact Mountwest’s Office of Admissions today at 304.710.3361 or to get  started on the fast track toward a rewarding career.



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