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THINK AGAIN… • about trying something new. • about pursuing the career you’ve always wanted. • about setting a new course for your family. • about letting an associate degree get you there. THINK AGAIN about Mountwest

Think Again – about the value of a community college education!

As consumers, we are faced with decisions that impact our immediate surroundings, daily activities and long-term abilities. Those decisions could be in what we purchase, what we believe, what actions we take or any combination of those

The New “Normal” in Higher Education

Although summer is still in full swing, many of us are already dreaming of fall and what it brings – cooler temperatures, football, changing leaves, and of course, back-to-school.  If you picture new high school graduates packing

Mountwest Foundation

Being part of a community like this one means supporting the causes you care about. As we generate more awareness of the vibrant role Mountwest Community & Technical College plays in the long-term growth and stability of

moving forward >>> toward your goals

Mountwest Community & Technical College has classes and degree programs to move you toward your new goals. Choose part-time or full-time, day or evening classes. Start small with a certificate or jump right into an associate degree